Get to know me

Hello! I see you’ve found your way to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! This post is going to be simple and straight to the point- everything you need to know to get to know me.

Let’s start with the basics:

I am 21 years young. I have a passion for writing, designing, and overall adventure. Photography is a small growing hobby of mine. I am also exploring YouTube as well. I have 2 animals, Miss Illa Mae and Tinkerbell. For now, I work a full time job in retail. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 4 years the 22nd of this month. I am a coffee addict, although it has been slowing down recently. I am a nature and wildlife enthusiast.

I am the creator of the “Take A Hike” series journals. I plan to dive more into those creations soon and up them up to you guys.

I am the co-founder of AreWeThereYetJC on instagram. It is also ran by my boyfriend. We started it early this year to keep a photo diary of all the adventures we take and to share them with the world.

My main goals in life include: moving into the mountain life in less than a year. I would love at least 5 acres of land. I want to foster kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs. I would love to spend a whole year traveling with my SO. I want this blog to encourage, help, motivate, and possibly inspire ANYONE.

Why did I start blogging to begin with?

It started when I was in Elementary school and my 3rd grade English teacher had a project for all the students. We had to create a small book. i wrote a book on a penguin family (my obsession with penguins was real when I was a kid). Once the books were complete the parents had the option to purchase them. My parents bought 2 copies. My 3rd grade teacher had to sit down and review them with each of us. When she got to me, she started by saying some of the normal things like “good job” “you did great” etc. But then she said “Writing is in your blood and it seems to be something you are incredible at.” Which seemed to be relatively true. When we had writing tests in school or papers, I always got A’s. I never really thought much on being a writer because it seemed so hard. Then a few years ago I saw on Pinterest about blogging. That moment changed a lot in my life. I started thinking intensely on the topic of starting my own blog. It seemed nerve racking, yet exciting. So one day, I did it. I started So that teacher back in 3rd grade made a huge impact on my future that day, even if I didn’t realize it in the moment. That is how I started this all. Thank you, Mrs. Holbrook!

Why did I start THIS blog?

Crystal with a catch seemed like a good opportunity to start over. When I had my first blog I didn’t do things exactly how I should have. I jumped into everything unprepared. Which in turn, made it super difficult to get anywhere with it. I stopped blogging for a few months then decided it was time to try again. I have been doing a lot of research and preparation for this go around again. I have a goal with this. I want to be able to freely express myself, my knowledge, my opinions, my advice, anything that can potentially help someone else. I want to help. It is something I have always been so passionate about and it started showing in my writings. If anyone can learn something from one random blog of mine- then I have done my job. I also aspire to make this an awesome full time job one day. I pray daily for something like this to come true. Only God can tell and waiting/working towards it to all be real.

I hope that sums about a lot about me and I look forward to having you all with me during this journey.

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