What you NEED to have while hiking with your dog

Hey guys! For starters, I wanted to take a second to say thank you all so much for tuning in today to read this. It means the world to me and I hope it helps you and your fur baby have ease when hiking.

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Nimblewill, GA 2019
ft. Miss Illa Mae

                When you are hiking, it is breathtaking. But it can be scary, especially when you are bringing your dog with you. You want to make sure you are prepared for almost anything to happen. Most people don’t think of the worst-case scenario happening to them, and that is when it is most likely to strike. The most important thing is keeping you and your dog safe on the trails.

  • Water. This may seem obvious, but if you have a dog, you NEED a lot of water. Don’t underestimate how much water your dog will intake while on the trail. My dog can drink just one water bottle while walking at the park for 10 minutes. So, for her when she goes hiking, I use to pack 5 plus bottles. Now I purchased a giant water bottle from HomeGoods (42 ounce, I think), I fill it up the night before we leave. That will usually last her throughout our hike. I carry an extra one in the car though just in case. Yes, it does get a little heavy, but your dog drinks more water than you and you never want your dog to run out of water.
  • First aid kit. A portable first aid kit is super important. If your dog happens to get a cut or slip and get a little hurt, it is mutually important to ensure they have some quick and easy-care access that will help until they go to the vet. When my dog gets cut, she bleeds excessively. I always make sure I have some peroxide, gauze, and a wrap that I can put on her. You should also carry Benadryl in case of snake bites. JUST PLEASE GIVE THE CORRECT DOSAGE. It is highly important to carry Benadryl because it could be the life or death of your dog from a snake bite.
  • Food/treats. Ensuring your dog gets praised for how good they are on the trail keeps them being good. This one also may be a no brainier, but you can never be too sure. Always pack your dog some food or a little snack. After all, you never truly know what may happen when hiking.
  • Hiking booties for your pup. ONLY if you plan on doing some rocky terrain hiking. Dogs typically hate these things, but it ensures no damage to their pads when they wear them. The only time your dog really needs them if you are going to be doing a lot of rocky terrain or the surface maybe too hot for your dog’s paws.
  • Tick brush. Most people really don’t think about this on their dogs when hiking, but even if they are on flea and tick prevention it so important to bring one and do a throughout check on your dog before getting in the car. Ticks can be more deadly to dogs than to humans.
  • Raincoat. You always need to have a raincoat for your dog on hand. This is necessarily a need, but your dog would appreciate it when a potential down pour is a threat. Most dogs love the rain for a few minutes, but not when they are dealing with for a while. You can find a relatively inexpensive raincoats on Chewy.com or I will see if I can link some below. *most dog raincoats don’t have a hole for a harness- if you don’t use a harness you will be fine- but for the ones that do (me) you will have to cut a small slice in the rain coat to make sure your leash can pull through it. I purchased one on amazon with awesome quality, I will link it below.
  • POO BAGS. Yes, even while hiking in the mountains you need to clean up your dog’s poo. Why? Because dog poo (DOMESTIC DOGS) are not familiar in the mountains. It can defer some wildlife from being around that area. As we all know, we are in their space, not the other way around. I know this can be a pain, but it is so important to clean up after your dog when you can. They sell some scented, biodegradable poo bags. I will see if I can find you guys a link of purchase below.
  • Portable water and food bowl dish. You know, you gotta give it to your dog somehow. I will link a few options below and the ones I have.
  • OPTIONAL: Towels and dog wipes. I never know what kind of things little miss may get into on the hike, so I always keep some towels in my car along with her dog wipes. If she gets into mud it is the easiest thing to use to get her a little cleaner before getting in my car. Sometimes I carry dry shampoo with me in the car if I know there is a chance of rain. That way she doesn’t smell like wet dog in the car all the way home.

I hope this guide helps you out some and I hope if you are planning a trip with your pup that it saves you some wondering on what to bring and what not to bring. For me, you can never be too prepared. I do not make my dog carry her own things as she is an Alaskan Malamute/Husky so she does have long and thick fur so I do anything I can to keep her cool when she goes hiking. My S/O and I carry it between our backpacks along with our own items. Again I will link what I can below and as always let me know if you guys have any other questions when it comes to this. I love writing the more informative stuff.

SPECIAL REMINDER: Please keep your dog on a leash at ALL TIMES while enjoying the great outdoors with you. It is for their safety as well as the safety of others. Even if your dog has never attacked anyone does NOT mean that you should keep it off leash. Even if your dog does NOT run away from you doesn’t mean you should keep them off leash. Please be respectful of others around you.

Sunset at the park 2019.
Ft: Miss Illa Mae

Links to purchase:


Water and food bowl

Water bottle for your dog

Poo bags – Biodegradable

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