How to: Keep your dog cool in the hot summer

Little Miss Illa Mae having the time of her life on a hot summer day..

Disclaimer: I am not a vet. Every dog is different. I am in no way, shape, or form telling or demanding you do these things. These are helpful tips I have found to allow my pets enjoy the summer even in the heat! These links may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you purchase something.

1 Cooling Mats HELP: So basically, cooling mats use the dogs (or whatever is laying on it) body temperate and works to cool it down with the inner gel lining of the mat. If your dog is hot and they like to be outside with you, then a cooling mat would be easy and affordable. You can put it in their dog crate if your dogs can’t roam the house like mine can’t (I have two cats who are NOT dog friendly- even though Illa LOVES them!). I purchase mine at HomeGoods since they carry the X-large for only $17! But, if you don’t have a HomeGoods check out I will post a link with some in there! I actually wrap my dogs in a light pillow case and give it to her.

2. Damp Towels: This one might seem odd to some, but to my dogs- it means they get a nice cool down. You use the damp towel and occasionally rub it on them (especially their top coat and belly). Illa prefers to sit on hers while, Duke just likes the extra attention for rubbing it on him. It gives them a little mini bath too! You can see the excessive dirt come off them! (this is also a perfect time to give them a nice dry shampoo bath if you dog approves of those!)

3. This one might be an obvious one, but WATER. Make sure your fur babies have basically unlimited amounts of water during the Summer time. Whether they are outside or inside, hydration is a MUST for the ridiculously hot days. If you feel like your baby is getting dehydrated, please see your Vet immediately!  I can’t stress this enough, dogs will out drink the amount you can in a matter of 10 minutes. If I had to measure out how much water she can drink after a quick little walk in the park, it would be 3 full water bottles. Me? I only drink maybe half of one.

4. High Pet Beds: Yes, they do make these if you have never heard of them. They are honestly AWESOME and such a killer idea! If your dog loves being outside with you get them a high-rise pet bed. It sits up off the ground to allow the airflow to the entire body of the dog. They also make an attachable shade top to give your dogs some extra shade. You can order yours off or Amazon has them as well! As per usual, I will link it down below.

5. Keep them trimmed up: As most dog parents know, we can’t really shave our pets. Little Miss, only gets a trim. Pets that have a thick coat (aka husky, Alaskan malamutes, etc) cannot be shaved like others. They were given their coats for a reason, while it may seem unfair to the human parents and they worry their dog is “too hot”, just keeping them trimmed will help tremendously! Illa gets shaped up on her legs, butt, and her head. I do NOT touch her top/under coat or her belly. The coat allows the dogs to stay protected from the sun. Yes, your dog can get sunburn! I honestly didn’t know that for the longest time.

6. Easy way to keep your dog entertained and cool- ice. I let my dogs chase the ice on the ground. They absolutely loved it. It keeps them occupied all the way until the ice melts. My dogs also love chasing squirt guns…weird, I know. I’ve got two little weirdos on my hands.

7. Make some homemade cold treats for you fur baby. It can be super simple and not nearly as expensive as buying treats can get. Your dog may or may not like these too much, so it is always best to run a trial and error test. My dogs seem to love the taste of strawberries. I take some fresh or frozen strawberries, some fresh water, and I pour it into a silicon tray. I will link the one I use below- it is actually cute dog bones. Let it freeze- then let them try it!!! I recommend putting it in a bowl at first as they might be a little hesitant on it at first and they may let it melt a little more.

Links to purchase:

Silicone Molds

High rise beds

Cooling mats

I hope this helped you guys out! Stay tuned for more of the pet talk- since you know I am all about my fur babies!

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    • Yes! They truly are! Unless your dog likes its own pool then I think that may beat the damp towels!! 🙂


  1. This is SUCH an important post for all the dog owners out there! It’s so important to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat – everyone needs to read this post x


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