Travel Prep: What you need to do before leaving for FLORIDA

              *We always travel by car if we can, especially in Florida since we live in Georgia*

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links if which an item is purchased I would receive a small commission*

A week before trip:

  • Plan what you are going to eat- see if you can bring anything with you. Florida can be a little bit on the pricey side of things. So if you can, it is always best to bring it with you.
  • Plan where and what you want to eat while you are out. Seafood- obviously, you simply cannot go to Florida and not indulge in some buttered lobster tail (yum!). To make your trip easier, plan where you want to eat and what day. That way you are not left guessing and trying to make decisions. I also LOVE looking at the menu’s online and checking prices. I am all about the best for my money.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Nobody likes traveling in a dirty car or coming home to an absolute mess after they already have to come back to reality.
  • Pick out your outfits. Even if you still have to wash them before you leave, have them ready on your mind.

When packing:

I start packing for the trip as soon as I can, but when in doubt I have most things together two days before I leave. It gives me plenty of time to make any decisions or change my mind on things.

  • Leave your essentials for the morning. This may be hard for some if you are like me and just want everything done and out of the way, but sadly, it is not worth trying to unpack it all the morning of departure.
  • Only pack what you need. The one thing that drives me absolutely bananas is when I have 5 bags I have to try and remember to get together before we leave. Especially if we are not staying at the same place the entire time. Don’t go crazy and bring your straighter and all your makeup unless this is like a business trip as well. It is Florida. You are going to sweat your heart out. I bring the bare essentials for all (makeup- concealer, eyeliner, and my mascara). The only thing I do not skip out on is my skin care, again you are in Florida, it is over the top hot. I don’t like a lot of breakouts when I get back.
  • Pack efficiently, yet effectively. I say this with a heavy heart, you don’t want everything sliding around the back seat or rolling around in your trunk. Minimal bags as possible but keep it all semi organized. For my duffle bag, I put all my clothes, skincare, makeup, and hair in one bag. I then have a ‘sun bag’ as I like to call it where I have all my sun care: beach towels, sunscreen, waterproof bag, aloe, tanning lotion, and I bring the entire bag to the beach. I even store an extra pair of flip flops in there. This way I can access everything quickly and I know exactly what is in there.

What I pack:

The typical question I get when I do this kind of post is exactly what do I bring with me?

Let me start by saying, most of it is based on: what time of the year I go, how long I am staying, and where I am staying. My typically time for going is May. I stay about 4-7 days and I vary between staying with my Grandma or staying on the beach.

In my duffle bag I currently have:

  • 6 outfits worth of clothes
  • Skincare (facewash, toner, moisturizer, blemish stick)
  • Shampoo and Conditioner (if your hair is not use to salt water life- don’t even bother with dry shampoo. It won’t do much. It is best to just wash it like normal)
  • Makeup bag
  • Bathing suit ( 2 sets)

I also have a snack bag, the sun bag, and extra bags for dirty clothes. I will put up my over the seat cooler for the long haul and ensure I have my backpack cooler for the beach (much easier to carry).

I always have to have things to do during the trip when I am not driving so I stay awake and not be bored. Car rides put me to sleep easily. Just ask the boyfriend, he would know! I have a journal (because I always have random ideas when I can’t do anything about them, my computer, camera, and a book with headphones.

The Amazon MUST HAVE’S for road tripping:

Over the seat COOLER

Backpack cooler for the beach

Seat covers (avoid any spills or sand getting into the cracks of your seats)

My skin care: All vegan / cruelty free


Face wash


Acne control

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