Things to do in Florida:

Hey guys! Welcome back and thanks for stopping by to read a little! Before we jump in, I want to start by saying we typically stay in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now this isn’t limited to things to do in St. Pete, but I will be making a blog post dedicated to that.

  1. The Beach. This is a given in Florida because when you think of Florida, you think ‘beach’ and the sunshine! BUT some of the nicest beaches in Florida include Clearwater. If you are visiting Florida and need a fun environment full of cute shops to investigate then I highly recommend Clearwater.

What else you can find in Clearwater:

Winter: If you have never heard this name before then I suggest you watch the movie famous movie “Dolphin Tale”. It gives you mostly- the correct information on the famous little dolphin. She was the first dolphin with a prostatic tale. It is a little science based and the flippered fella is located at the Clearwater Aquarium. The aquarium also features hope- another fond rescue dolphin. The tickets for entrance start at: 19.95 for kids. 24.95 for adults. You get to see turtles, otters, sting rays, dolphins, etc. You can find deals for this aquarium on Groupon as well! So check that before you buy your tickets!

Dolphin Boating: You can take yourself on a cute little boat ride to watch some dolphins. If you see one, your guide might let you try and pet them! An experience that it truly beautiful! The trip that I went on was about 90-110 minutes long on a shaded boat. The tickets start at 14.25 for children (3-11. Infants 2 and under- free) and 19.75 for adults. You are aloud to bring 1 soft sided, small, personal cooler for the beverages. Make sure to bring sunblock and a towel! Find more information and book your trip on this website:

Sponge docks: Lots of shopping centers and things to explore. Pose with some cute turtle statues and eat some awesome seafood!

*most places in Florida required paid parking*

  1. Fort Desoto: if you are a history person or just like to explore you will LOVE Fort Desoto. You can also sit on the beach, take a kayak tour, fish on the pier (note: you must have a specific fishing license to fish on the pier- you can find it at Walmart). Paid parking is required.
  2. See the Ray’s play: if you are scheduling your trip around baseball season, then you MUST go see them play! The stadium has a bar and grill as soon as you walk in. They have a lot of food choices (of course food is expensive at the stadium). The stadium is indoors with AC. Stunning set up- honestly. The tickets start at about 20$ and there isn’t a bad seat in the stadium. You can see everywhere!

Outside the stadium you can find some places to explore, gorgeous mural’s on the buildings, coffee shops, and more bar/grills. The places here make great for any cute styled photos.

  • Parks: There are so many parks and recreational uses in Florida. They are beautiful and if you are traveling with a dog, they have a lot of dog parks!
  • Warm Mineral Springs: Now, this place was a little pricey and different than what we expected. None the less, it was a beautiful set up – connected to a spa resort- lifeguards on duty. You can swim around a quaint natural spring. The spring is always at a warm temp, so it makes it easy to get in and out. They say after spending some time in a natural spring it highly improves your skin and overall feel for the day. It does have a sulfur smell to it, so if you are allergic, it might not be best for you.
  • Sunken Garden: Staying in St. Pete? This is a spectacular garden view, an easy look at some of Florida’s tropical plants. It is $10 for adults and gives you about an hour of explore time. You can also bring in a backpack if you wanted to bring a lunch and eat it in the gardens. During their spring peak season, it is home for multiple types of butterflies! If you love it so much here, you can also get married (lol)!

Good food joints I recommend:

  • Crabby’s: if you are at the Clearwater beach South side, you may look across the traffic and see a 3-story building called Crabby’s. This is a 4 ½ star rated restaurant. Ask to sit on the 3rd floor patio- you will be overlooking the bay. If you are a pasta kind of person then I recommend trying their Cajun Chicken Pasta- YUM. It is better than Chili’s! The trio is also delish (shrimp, clam, and fish). We ordered their Spiked blueberry lemonade; it tastes just like good lemonade and it’s dangerous if you love drinks like that!
  • Frenchy’s: A been around for awhile now bar and grill right out near Indian Rocks Beach, good food, kind of expensive, delightful atmosphere! Their rum runners are great- but if they ask for a double say NO. Unless you can drink it all in the Florida heat before one loses ices! You also get a reusable cup that changes colors when liquid is inside.

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