DIY: All Natural Air Freshener

Hey guys and welcome back! It is so awesome that so many of you keep sticking around with me. Nobody realizes how much it truly means to me!

Today’s post will be super short and to the point style! As you read the title, it is all about that natural lifestyle again. This time, I am ditching my typical toxic- filled air freshener for something that works even better! Who doesn’t love the fact that there are so many more options out there for those of us searching for the healthier lifestyle?

This recipe only calls for a few ingredients, plus some that are optional to spice it up a bit!

What you will need:

Mason jar (or a cute bottle)

Essential oils

Baking soda

Some form of a lid (it can be a mason jar lid or even some plastic wrap)

You will also need something sharp if you are using a mason jar lid

How to create:

I don’t even need to make these ‘steps’ per-say. This is so easy you can do it all at once! Start by filling your mason jar or bottle full of baking soda. Afterward, you will add any essential oil scent you prefer. I LOVE me some citrus fresh. Drops are based on your preference. If you want a heavy scent- 20 drops. If you want a light scent start with 10 drops. Finally, place your lid or plastic wrap (if using a plastic wrap then cut a few slits on top to allow the scent to release).

BAM- the BEST all natural air freshener! I use these in all my bathrooms. If the slits are big- the scent releases faster. Also, this way gives you the ability to change the scent as frequently as you like! You don’t have to change the baking soda out every time unless you just prefer to.

Easy. Simple. Cost effective.


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