DIY: Animal Crate Cleaner

That’s right another DIY post. I am coming in hot with these like no tomorrow! Hey again guys! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for tuning in!

Another simple and quick DIY post!

Got messy animals? No problem, let the crate spray take care of it.

Do you have a stinky dog just in general? Easy peazy. I got you covered.

What you will need:

  1. Spray Bottle ( I prefer glass bottles)
  2. Lemon and Thieves essential oil
  3. Castile soap
  4. Distilled water

That is it!

Next comes the easy part- putting it all together!

Put in 5 drops thieves and 8 lemon in the spray bottle. Afterward you will put 1/4 cup castile soap. Finally you will fill the rest with distilled water. Simple as that- really!

You will need to rinse off the spray, but it is an all natural cleaner that is 100% animal safe. Lemon essential oil is a disinfect. Thieves is an antibacterial plus the properties in the oil make it an awesome cleaning additive. Castile soap will allow the dirt and grim to come off while making it foam just like regular soap.

Did you know that Young Living also has a full animal line of products available? It includes oils, treats, and dental chews! All safe for those little bundles of furry joy!

Don’t have thieves and lemon essential oil? Don’t buy from Amazon. These oils needs to be 100% pure and real as you are risking your animals lives by using them on their items. Join the Young Living team and get them to you ASAP! Want to join me? Click here. Questions/ concerns about Young Living or what we do? Email me or message me directly on Instagram (@CrystalRaeForeman)

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