Clear your mind AND your space.

I know how hard it is when you have a million things written on your to-do list and you can’t get your mind clear enough to get it all done. Then you look at your home and think twice about being able to get absolutely anything done that day. The clutter, the useless things laying around, and so many items that just don’t have a home. It can be overwhelming, it could lower your motivation, and just make you want to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix.

I’ve been here so many times and actually felt this way this morning. What do I do? Well, I am going to procrastinate so I can write down what will help me to potentially help you guys. I know- kind of an oxymoron, BUT seriously, this actually gives me more motivation to take these steps afterward.

So let’s dig in, how exactly does clearing your mind correspond with clearing your space.

Think of it like this- You wake up in the morning perfectly refreshed, go to step out of bed and your floor is messy. Clothes everywhere, shoes in your way, and your basically going through a maze just to get out of your room. Then you make your way down stairs to get your morning cup of Joe and see dirty dishes everywhere- not how I want to start my morning personally. That right there puts a damper on my day.

Now re-imagine it, waking up nice and refreshed to get up in your sparkly clean room and gracefully walk downstairs to see all the dishes clean. Maybe, not that perfect, but it’s way less overwhelming to start your day off this way. It gives your the perfect motivation boost for your day!

So, wherever you may work whether it is a 9-5 office job, work from home, stay at home mom, keep your space clean and clear. Shoot- even working at a shelter keeping your work space clean and clear makes me feel so much more ready to work.

Here are the ways I keep my space clear:

  1. Start by finding a home for everything in your home. If you can’t find a home chances are, you don’t need it. Get rid of it.
  2. Once you’ve completed step one, tidy up after every use. If you cook, clean up your mess before you go to bed. If you work at your desk and use a lot of pens and such, clean it all up. Put everything back where it goes.
  3. To not get “bored” with my set up I frequently change it around. If I get bored with it, I lose interest in trying to keep it clean because I just stop caring.

Now to keep my mind clear, sure all the fun organizing things matter, BUT that is not all of it.

  1. Keep a journal. Brain dump all over it. Seriously, don’t hold anything back. The more you get your thoughts out the better.
  2. Meditate in the morning or do some yoga. Whatever you can do to help keep your mind open and clear.
  3. Do some morning or evening reading. It keeps things fresh in your brain.
  4. Take a walk in nature.
  5. Listen to your favorite playlist, song, or videos.

Bonus: When you are clearing out your area and find things you don’t need, simple sell it. You can make some extra income plus free up some space in your life. It’s a win- win!

There you have it. The simplest ways to clear your mind and your space. I hope more than anything that this helps you guys in some way, shape, or form. Let me know in the comments below if you used these and if they helped you!

Message me on instagram @CrystalRaeForeman or on Twitter: Crystal_Foreman. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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