Let’s get real…

Hey guys! Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. This post is gonna hit home with struggling, job switching again, money, and life in general. I hope you guys love it!

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Anyways, lets jump right in.

Life update:

So, life has been pretty hectic lately, but also fun! Work life has been improving. For those that didn’t know- I started a new job again. I have had this job before. I am a General Manager and I’ve been in this role before, however this time is different. I run a slower store and the needs, people, and sales are so different from what I am use to. So it has been an adjustment. Thankfully most things are finally settling in and things are resorting back to what I would call normal. Let’s get a little real in this moment, I crave more than anything to work on my own time on my passion. With that being said, I discovered I needed to up my game. If you don’t know what my passion is….*drum roll please*…. it’s writing! Well that is one of my passions, the main one I plan to focus on. So, I had to up my game and start writing every single day. No matter what. No time limit, just simply writing what is one my heart. I have to physically have a piece of paper and pen in my hand and write the old fashion way. I have tried writing in a word doc on my laptop but it is simply not the same feeling. Josten, my bff, and I went to Asheville, North Carolina for a few hours and let me tell you IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I never really get the time to roam around small cities/towns and just simply take in all the beauty but man- we decided it very last minute. Best choice ever. It just goes to show that sometimes you just have to live in the moment verses planning every single thing. Being spontaneous can be the ultimate reward. Also, I still work at the animal shelter on occasions that I use to work at before going back to this job. So that is fun! Lately, I have also been struggling to find myself again which seems crazy right? I am a writer after all and all my thoughts go onto paper. But what most people don’t realize is that…..I still overthink things, I still eat away at certain parts about myself and I lost who I was….as a person…as a writer….as me. I say this with a heavy heart because I never thought it was something I had to do or deal with. I thought I knew who I was and who I wanted to be. Recently, I can see that it’s not true. I have zero idea on the person i want to become, I am just living right now. I have some thoughts on how I would like to become but I haven’t made any progress in that direction so far. But here is what I have learned…lean on God. My goodness I cannot say it enough, you lose yourself when you lose faith in him. When I skip a bible study session in the morning, I feel the toll it has on me. I feel like I lose even more of who I was. But when I take some time- 15-30 minutes of my day to praise him and dive a little into the word, that is all it takes to help me slowly start rediscovering myself.


So let’s chit chat about money……I am going to get REAL here. I was struggling…hard. Working with animals is so rewarding but it is also very money straining. Shelter worker do not get paid very much but we do so much because there are lives in our hands. That has hands down been the best job I have ever had, and it was heartbreaking when I had to make the decision to leave. I did it because I put myself in some credit card debit in the mix of going on vacation and losing my debt card for 3 weeks. We also had some issues that happened in our house and parents couldn’t fix it alone so I had to make that choice. Even with making the switch these past two months it still hasn’t been easy, i am slowly digging myself out of the hole I created and it’s getting better. I am creating a budget plan for couples (two people). I am doing this in hopes that it will help some of you with your daily money struggles as well.

My personal struggles:

So recently within myself I have been struggling to keep myself on track with goals and also staying motivated. Now I know I have created a post about staying motivated but sometimes it feel nearly impossible to overcome that hump. I haven’t been keeping up with my morning studies or my skin routine even. I have however restarted my yoga routines and honestly that has helped me feel better and get back on track. But I am still not there yet. I have also been slacking on my blog posts, Youtube, and doing anything aside laying in bed. It is crazy how much one day/mood can throw you off in your life. It takes me a while to get back on track. Anyone else relating to all of this? I am also struggling to start an Etsy store business that I wanted to with all of my little creations. I just don’t feel like I have enough time in a day to keep everything going.


Now, as most of you know I keep the side very private, but I will not lie. These past few months have been rough for Josten and I. We’ve have both done a lot of growing up and a lot of changes occurred. We have always worked total opposite schedules for the most part. We only have one day off a week together and we spend it rushing to try to do something fun. We are two very different personality types and soemtiems we butt heads. I also suffer with some anxiety, and that can put a small damper on things. He suffers from a little depression from time to time and that takes a toll on us. All in all, it has been rough and we almost hit our end point. But, we have both decided that we are not giving up that easily and we need to start holding ourselves accountable for what is going on in our relationship and what we need to work on. I will make a new post dedicated to that based on the changes we have made in ours with the hopes it will help you all. We need more of our relationship centered around God’s plan for us.

If you took the time to read this entire post thank you so much- it truly means everything to me. I feel it’s important to talk about how you feel, life updates, and anything else that may bother us. They always say its better to talk it out right?

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