2nd trimester: Review, what helped me, how am i feeling?

Welcome back guys! Thanks so much for stopping in! As you know, I truly appreciate you all even taking the time to read these posts.

Looking for an honest *opinion* of what the 2nd trimester is like from a FTM’s (first time mom’s) experience? Here it is:

Anatomy scan update: BOY

The good, the bad, the painful parts of pregnancy:

The good-

  1. You get to buy new clothes. Even if the maternity style isn’t up your ally, there are choices for everyone! My personal favorite were stores like: Burlington, Marshells, Beals, Walmart, and even our super Kroger! I can’t wrap my head around breaking the bank to feel comfortable. This is also my first baby so chances are, most of these items won’t fit me afterward (we’ll see). The jumpsuit pictured above is from Beals for only $15!

2. Your baby starts being able to hear you and you start feeling the bundle of joy move! They say for your first you feel it move closer to 17/18 weeks! I really felt Theo go WILD at 20 weeks.

3. They say your energy level comes back and you start to feel like you again! Mine didn’t really come back until about 24 weeks. I still felt pretty drained and out of it. I could nap anywhere at any time. Once I did get it back, I went into to crazy cleaning mode. I organized, dusted, swept, and vacuumed galore!

4. If you didn’t do the blood test, this is the trimester where you get to find out the gender of your precious bean! #winning

5. this one might be optional for you, but I had my baby shower in my second trimester as well! Super fun and exciting to be surrounded by everyone who loves you and sweet baby bean!

The bad:

*disclaimer- these are things/ symptoms that I thought were worse for me or my ‘problems’ during this trimester. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and every one has it differently. These are simply MY opinions.

  1. Glucose test: Now listen, this one wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I chose the fruit punch flavor, placed it in the fridge 2 days before, and drank it with a straw. It made it SO easy. The way my OB explained the flavors was: Orange is like a flat, non carbonated orange soda. Fruit punch was basically fruit punch. Lemon-lime was a flat, non carbonated sprite.
  2. Once you start feeling the baby move, it all becomes so real and you really, really, really want to hold your baby. It makes the waiting process that much longer.
  3. Weird symptoms nobody tells you about: Charlie horses- MARK MY WORDS, nobody warned me about those bad boys and they HURT. My legs were sore for DAYS. The peeing didn’t stop for me. I still peed like a racehorse. Random aches and pains that are actually the beginning of feeling your baby move but you don’t know that because you’ve never experienced it before. I honestly googled a stupid amount of things just because I didn’t know if it was normal or if I was just hallucinating- I was probably doing a healthy mix of both. They say common factors are: heartburn, some dizziness (drinks lots of water), stuffy nose, insomnia, leg pains, slight pelvic pain from a growing uterus, etc.
  4. Making all those choices for your baby as far as: food wise, product wise, monitoring systems, nursery theme, toys, clothing items, whats a necessity and whats not etc. It can be overwhelming honestly, I went for the most practical and natural way possible.

The painful:

  1. Baby can finally kick you! Imagine, as you are drifting away into deep sleep and suddenly get a swift kick to the tummy. Doesn’t really ‘hurt’ but it does keep you up at night- at least it did for me.
  2. Getting all your blood work done when you go for your glucose test. Mine bruised a little then I hard core crashed later.
  3. Your lack of sleep as you get closer to the third trimester. For me this is painful. Yes, everyone tells you to enjoy your sleep while you still can, but honestly, I’d rather have a baby to take care of than not being able to be comfortable and missing sleep because of that. Let me tell you, BUY THAT PREGNANCY PILLOW. Get one that you can use versatile so it’s worth it! Or another option is to get 2 body pillows. Here is my pregnancy pillow from Amazon. My back gets so uncomfortable depending on how Theo sits at night that this became my only saving grace.
  4. Still not being able to eat some of your favorite foods. Yep, for me this didn’t go away. It actually increased. I never really experienced crazy cravings though. I gave into all my healthy cravings, but slightly gave into the unhealthy ones. First trimester I couldn’t even eat anything sweet, now, I’m back to my before feelings on them! However, I try to only eat 1-2 cookies, candy, or whatever I am feeling.
  5. Not drinking enough water during the day and your body craving it at night. Hear me out, I couldn’t always stomach water during the day and my body made up for it at night by waking me up feeling super dehydrated and then of course peeing like a racehorse afterward. If this happens to you: buy some Pedialyte Popsicles. Eat one before bed and it helps give you a boost of hydration. I also have a weird thing with the way water tastes when sitting overnight. So if I use a glass, I won’t drink it in the middle of the night. I also have 6 cats……therefore any open containers or glasses at night is no go anyways. Here is my favorite tumbler cup I use. No more odd tasting water that sits out overnight for me!

All in all, the second trimester has definitely been the easiest so far because I can actually feel and be productive. I can drink my coffee- sometimes-. I can feel normal even while growing that little bean. I am now 28 weeks and 5 days while typing this. The post will go live shortly. I honestly have felt great this week other than waking up randomly than having insomnia for 3 hours and have to wake up to go to work. It was also one stage closer to meeting my sweet baby boy The app I use to track Theo and his progress is the What to Expect app.

My recommendations for a smooth 2nd trimester:

  1. Tumblr bottle
  2. These comfy shorts that come in a 2 pack!
  3. Comfortable sweat pants/ joggers: check these out!
  4. Pregnancy pillow: honestly never too early for this bad boy
  5. Get some comfortable shoes- highly recommend Academy sports (online if you don’t have one near you, I’ll see if I can link my $20 comfy shoes)
  6. Lotion, lotion, and lotion EVERYWHERE. Not just your tummy. Butt, back, tummy, thighs, just everywhere. Stretch marks can appear in crazy places most people just focus on the tummy. Here is mine: Hempz and Burt’s and Bee’s
  7. DIY rollers with essential oils for sleep and pain (or you can purchase straight from Young Living).
  8. Get some leggings, even if it’s summertime. You will want to lounge in something and trust me, leggings are a women’s best friend when pregnant! I honestly buy mine at Walmart.

What else are you guys interested in? Let me know and I’d love to keep sharing. I have been doing this pregnancy as natural as possible and have it planned that way for Theo as well!

Just for a tease, here is the recent BUMP update at 28 weeks and 5 days!

**Disclaimer- some of these products with links if you use the links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.*

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