2nd trimester: Review, what helped me, how am i feeling?

Welcome back guys! Thanks so much for stopping in! As you know, I truly appreciate you all even taking the time to read these posts.

Looking for an honest *opinion* of what the 2nd trimester is like from a FTM’s (first time mom’s) experience? Here it is:

Anatomy scan update: BOY

The good, the bad, the painful parts of pregnancy:

The good-

  1. You get to buy new clothes. Even if the maternity style isn’t up your ally, there are choices for everyone! My personal favorite were stores like: Burlington, Marshells, Beals, Walmart, and even our super Kroger! I can’t wrap my head around breaking the bank to feel comfortable. This is also my first baby so chances are, most of these items won’t fit me afterward (we’ll see). The jumpsuit pictured above is from Beals for only $15!

2. Your baby starts being able to hear you and you start feeling the bundle of joy move! They say for your first you feel it move closer to 17/18 weeks! I really felt Theo go WILD at 20 weeks.

3. They say your energy level comes back and you start to feel like you again! Mine didn’t really come back until about 24 weeks. I still felt pretty drained and out of it. I could nap anywhere at any time. Once I did get it back, I went into to crazy cleaning mode. I organized, dusted, swept, and vacuumed galore!

4. If you didn’t do the blood test, this is the trimester where you get to find out the gender of your precious bean! #winning

5. this one might be optional for you, but I had my baby shower in my second trimester as well! Super fun and exciting to be surrounded by everyone who loves you and sweet baby bean!

The bad:

*disclaimer- these are things/ symptoms that I thought were worse for me or my ‘problems’ during this trimester. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and every one has it differently. These are simply MY opinions.

  1. Glucose test: Now listen, this one wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I chose the fruit punch flavor, placed it in the fridge 2 days before, and drank it with a straw. It made it SO easy. The way my OB explained the flavors was: Orange is like a flat, non carbonated orange soda. Fruit punch was basically fruit punch. Lemon-lime was a flat, non carbonated sprite.
  2. Once you start feeling the baby move, it all becomes so real and you really, really, really want to hold your baby. It makes the waiting process that much longer.
  3. Weird symptoms nobody tells you about: Charlie horses- MARK MY WORDS, nobody warned me about those bad boys and they HURT. My legs were sore for DAYS. The peeing didn’t stop for me. I still peed like a racehorse. Random aches and pains that are actually the beginning of feeling your baby move but you don’t know that because you’ve never experienced it before. I honestly googled a stupid amount of things just because I didn’t know if it was normal or if I was just hallucinating- I was probably doing a healthy mix of both. They say common factors are: heartburn, some dizziness (drinks lots of water), stuffy nose, insomnia, leg pains, slight pelvic pain from a growing uterus, etc.
  4. Making all those choices for your baby as far as: food wise, product wise, monitoring systems, nursery theme, toys, clothing items, whats a necessity and whats not etc. It can be overwhelming honestly, I went for the most practical and natural way possible.

The painful:

  1. Baby can finally kick you! Imagine, as you are drifting away into deep sleep and suddenly get a swift kick to the tummy. Doesn’t really ‘hurt’ but it does keep you up at night- at least it did for me.
  2. Getting all your blood work done when you go for your glucose test. Mine bruised a little then I hard core crashed later.
  3. Your lack of sleep as you get closer to the third trimester. For me this is painful. Yes, everyone tells you to enjoy your sleep while you still can, but honestly, I’d rather have a baby to take care of than not being able to be comfortable and missing sleep because of that. Let me tell you, BUY THAT PREGNANCY PILLOW. Get one that you can use versatile so it’s worth it! Or another option is to get 2 body pillows. Here is my pregnancy pillow from Amazon. My back gets so uncomfortable depending on how Theo sits at night that this became my only saving grace.
  4. Still not being able to eat some of your favorite foods. Yep, for me this didn’t go away. It actually increased. I never really experienced crazy cravings though. I gave into all my healthy cravings, but slightly gave into the unhealthy ones. First trimester I couldn’t even eat anything sweet, now, I’m back to my before feelings on them! However, I try to only eat 1-2 cookies, candy, or whatever I am feeling.
  5. Not drinking enough water during the day and your body craving it at night. Hear me out, I couldn’t always stomach water during the day and my body made up for it at night by waking me up feeling super dehydrated and then of course peeing like a racehorse afterward. If this happens to you: buy some Pedialyte Popsicles. Eat one before bed and it helps give you a boost of hydration. I also have a weird thing with the way water tastes when sitting overnight. So if I use a glass, I won’t drink it in the middle of the night. I also have 6 cats……therefore any open containers or glasses at night is no go anyways. Here is my favorite tumbler cup I use. No more odd tasting water that sits out overnight for me!

All in all, the second trimester has definitely been the easiest so far because I can actually feel and be productive. I can drink my coffee- sometimes-. I can feel normal even while growing that little bean. I am now 28 weeks and 5 days while typing this. The post will go live shortly. I honestly have felt great this week other than waking up randomly than having insomnia for 3 hours and have to wake up to go to work. It was also one stage closer to meeting my sweet baby boy The app I use to track Theo and his progress is the What to Expect app.

My recommendations for a smooth 2nd trimester:

  1. Tumblr bottle
  2. These comfy shorts that come in a 2 pack!
  3. Comfortable sweat pants/ joggers: check these out!
  4. Pregnancy pillow: honestly never too early for this bad boy
  5. Get some comfortable shoes- highly recommend Academy sports (online if you don’t have one near you, I’ll see if I can link my $20 comfy shoes)
  6. Lotion, lotion, and lotion EVERYWHERE. Not just your tummy. Butt, back, tummy, thighs, just everywhere. Stretch marks can appear in crazy places most people just focus on the tummy. Here is mine: Hempz and Burt’s and Bee’s
  7. DIY rollers with essential oils for sleep and pain (or you can purchase straight from Young Living).
  8. Get some leggings, even if it’s summertime. You will want to lounge in something and trust me, leggings are a women’s best friend when pregnant! I honestly buy mine at Walmart.

What else are you guys interested in? Let me know and I’d love to keep sharing. I have been doing this pregnancy as natural as possible and have it planned that way for Theo as well!

Just for a tease, here is the recent BUMP update at 28 weeks and 5 days!

**Disclaimer- some of these products with links if you use the links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.*

Let’s get real…

Hey guys! Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. This post is gonna hit home with struggling, job switching again, money, and life in general. I hope you guys love it!

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Anyways, lets jump right in.

Life update:

So, life has been pretty hectic lately, but also fun! Work life has been improving. For those that didn’t know- I started a new job again. I have had this job before. I am a General Manager and I’ve been in this role before, however this time is different. I run a slower store and the needs, people, and sales are so different from what I am use to. So it has been an adjustment. Thankfully most things are finally settling in and things are resorting back to what I would call normal. Let’s get a little real in this moment, I crave more than anything to work on my own time on my passion. With that being said, I discovered I needed to up my game. If you don’t know what my passion is….*drum roll please*…. it’s writing! Well that is one of my passions, the main one I plan to focus on. So, I had to up my game and start writing every single day. No matter what. No time limit, just simply writing what is one my heart. I have to physically have a piece of paper and pen in my hand and write the old fashion way. I have tried writing in a word doc on my laptop but it is simply not the same feeling. Josten, my bff, and I went to Asheville, North Carolina for a few hours and let me tell you IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I never really get the time to roam around small cities/towns and just simply take in all the beauty but man- we decided it very last minute. Best choice ever. It just goes to show that sometimes you just have to live in the moment verses planning every single thing. Being spontaneous can be the ultimate reward. Also, I still work at the animal shelter on occasions that I use to work at before going back to this job. So that is fun! Lately, I have also been struggling to find myself again which seems crazy right? I am a writer after all and all my thoughts go onto paper. But what most people don’t realize is that…..I still overthink things, I still eat away at certain parts about myself and I lost who I was….as a person…as a writer….as me. I say this with a heavy heart because I never thought it was something I had to do or deal with. I thought I knew who I was and who I wanted to be. Recently, I can see that it’s not true. I have zero idea on the person i want to become, I am just living right now. I have some thoughts on how I would like to become but I haven’t made any progress in that direction so far. But here is what I have learned…lean on God. My goodness I cannot say it enough, you lose yourself when you lose faith in him. When I skip a bible study session in the morning, I feel the toll it has on me. I feel like I lose even more of who I was. But when I take some time- 15-30 minutes of my day to praise him and dive a little into the word, that is all it takes to help me slowly start rediscovering myself.


So let’s chit chat about money……I am going to get REAL here. I was struggling…hard. Working with animals is so rewarding but it is also very money straining. Shelter worker do not get paid very much but we do so much because there are lives in our hands. That has hands down been the best job I have ever had, and it was heartbreaking when I had to make the decision to leave. I did it because I put myself in some credit card debit in the mix of going on vacation and losing my debt card for 3 weeks. We also had some issues that happened in our house and parents couldn’t fix it alone so I had to make that choice. Even with making the switch these past two months it still hasn’t been easy, i am slowly digging myself out of the hole I created and it’s getting better. I am creating a budget plan for couples (two people). I am doing this in hopes that it will help some of you with your daily money struggles as well.

My personal struggles:

So recently within myself I have been struggling to keep myself on track with goals and also staying motivated. Now I know I have created a post about staying motivated but sometimes it feel nearly impossible to overcome that hump. I haven’t been keeping up with my morning studies or my skin routine even. I have however restarted my yoga routines and honestly that has helped me feel better and get back on track. But I am still not there yet. I have also been slacking on my blog posts, Youtube, and doing anything aside laying in bed. It is crazy how much one day/mood can throw you off in your life. It takes me a while to get back on track. Anyone else relating to all of this? I am also struggling to start an Etsy store business that I wanted to with all of my little creations. I just don’t feel like I have enough time in a day to keep everything going.


Now, as most of you know I keep the side very private, but I will not lie. These past few months have been rough for Josten and I. We’ve have both done a lot of growing up and a lot of changes occurred. We have always worked total opposite schedules for the most part. We only have one day off a week together and we spend it rushing to try to do something fun. We are two very different personality types and soemtiems we butt heads. I also suffer with some anxiety, and that can put a small damper on things. He suffers from a little depression from time to time and that takes a toll on us. All in all, it has been rough and we almost hit our end point. But, we have both decided that we are not giving up that easily and we need to start holding ourselves accountable for what is going on in our relationship and what we need to work on. I will make a new post dedicated to that based on the changes we have made in ours with the hopes it will help you all. We need more of our relationship centered around God’s plan for us.

If you took the time to read this entire post thank you so much- it truly means everything to me. I feel it’s important to talk about how you feel, life updates, and anything else that may bother us. They always say its better to talk it out right?

Clear your mind AND your space.

I know how hard it is when you have a million things written on your to-do list and you can’t get your mind clear enough to get it all done. Then you look at your home and think twice about being able to get absolutely anything done that day. The clutter, the useless things laying around, and so many items that just don’t have a home. It can be overwhelming, it could lower your motivation, and just make you want to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix.

I’ve been here so many times and actually felt this way this morning. What do I do? Well, I am going to procrastinate so I can write down what will help me to potentially help you guys. I know- kind of an oxymoron, BUT seriously, this actually gives me more motivation to take these steps afterward.

So let’s dig in, how exactly does clearing your mind correspond with clearing your space.

Think of it like this- You wake up in the morning perfectly refreshed, go to step out of bed and your floor is messy. Clothes everywhere, shoes in your way, and your basically going through a maze just to get out of your room. Then you make your way down stairs to get your morning cup of Joe and see dirty dishes everywhere- not how I want to start my morning personally. That right there puts a damper on my day.

Now re-imagine it, waking up nice and refreshed to get up in your sparkly clean room and gracefully walk downstairs to see all the dishes clean. Maybe, not that perfect, but it’s way less overwhelming to start your day off this way. It gives your the perfect motivation boost for your day!

So, wherever you may work whether it is a 9-5 office job, work from home, stay at home mom, keep your space clean and clear. Shoot- even working at a shelter keeping your work space clean and clear makes me feel so much more ready to work.

Here are the ways I keep my space clear:

  1. Start by finding a home for everything in your home. If you can’t find a home chances are, you don’t need it. Get rid of it.
  2. Once you’ve completed step one, tidy up after every use. If you cook, clean up your mess before you go to bed. If you work at your desk and use a lot of pens and such, clean it all up. Put everything back where it goes.
  3. To not get “bored” with my set up I frequently change it around. If I get bored with it, I lose interest in trying to keep it clean because I just stop caring.

Now to keep my mind clear, sure all the fun organizing things matter, BUT that is not all of it.

  1. Keep a journal. Brain dump all over it. Seriously, don’t hold anything back. The more you get your thoughts out the better.
  2. Meditate in the morning or do some yoga. Whatever you can do to help keep your mind open and clear.
  3. Do some morning or evening reading. It keeps things fresh in your brain.
  4. Take a walk in nature.
  5. Listen to your favorite playlist, song, or videos.

Bonus: When you are clearing out your area and find things you don’t need, simple sell it. You can make some extra income plus free up some space in your life. It’s a win- win!

There you have it. The simplest ways to clear your mind and your space. I hope more than anything that this helps you guys in some way, shape, or form. Let me know in the comments below if you used these and if they helped you!

Message me on instagram @CrystalRaeForeman or on Twitter: Crystal_Foreman. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Do a writing challenge with me: 30 DAY writing goal

Are you a writer and experiencing writers block? I can relate on a real level. I just recently overcame my writers block by doing a 30 day challenge. I am hoping it will help you as well! So kick your writers block to the curb and join me!

Sometimes we all need a nice little refresher on things, especially if your hobby/job is a creative aspect. I did this for the month of October- I can’t wait to see your answers for this!

Day one:

List 10 things that make you really happy:

  • My 5 fur babies
  • My future
  • Nature
  • The possibilities that I can make it without a normal job. That I could be truly happy working what I want to work. I want to write, edit photos/photography, and travel.
  • Mountains. I LOVE taking it all in and looking over into the valleys, seeing nothing but beautiful skies.
  • Sunsets.
  • Helping when I can.
  • Organize and Cleaning
  • Coffee- thank the lord for coffee
  • God- this should be at the top and not the bottom of my list, but I am still learning and leaning into him. I am getting there.

Day two:

Write something someone told you about yourself that you never forgot:

I used to work with this gentleman named Dudley. I was struggling with some life/ job decisions at that time and the one thing that he said to me was “You are going to accomplish so much and go so far. You are a like a firecracker- when you have an idea- you go for it.” That has forever stuck in my head because to me that means the world. He believed in me so much and it really put into my mind that YES you can accomplish everything you want to do.

Day three:

What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. Someone putting something other than a drink in the cup holders.
  2. Someone being constantly negative and rude.
  3. Someone knows they made a mess or certain things need to be done and they leave it for someone else to do it for them.

Day four:

Write about someone who inspires you:

There are a few for different reasons.

  1. Demi Lovato: she has always been my truest inspiration for so many things. I began singing and she was one that I looked up to the most. Her range, her vocal ability. As she aged, she had some traumatic things happen in her life which made me love her even more. She overcame so much and never let anyone tear her down. She gets back up and fights. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She is body positive and huge role model to millions of girls everywhere and I think that is awesome. She is real, down to earth, and loveable.
  2. Me: I know that may seem silly, but I have come so far in my own mind and life. I thought I would be a lean mean working machine like my mother, BUT I am not. I still work. But I still make time for the important things. I don’t let money control me. I am tackling my dreams day by day. Every day I inch closer to where and who I want to be.
  3. A girl I recently became close to: Her name is Scout and boy she’s got it all together. Or at least she let’s you know she doesn’t, but she holds her head up high and gets through anything. She has been through so much. She started me on my oils journey, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of her. I aspire to be as strong as she is. We have a lot of the same motives and goals. We both love animals and care for our fur babies as if they were our children. We get along and she is such a lovable person. A true friend and an excellent mentor. If you read this Scout, thank you for everything. Truly.

Day Five:

List Five Places You Want To Visit:

  1. Europe
  2. Italy
  3. Canada
  4. California
  5. Greece

Day Six:

Five ways to win your heart:

  1. Romance
  2. Being cheesy instead of constantly serious
  3. Bring me a coffee. Forget about everything else, flowers, chocolates, etc. Just bring me a coffee.
  4. Listen and help me.
  5. Support me. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME.

Day Seven:

List 10 songs you love right now:

  1. Wow. Post Malone
  2. Candy. MGK
  3. Truth Hurts. Lizzo
  4. I think I’m OKAY. MGK
  5. Now or Later. Sage the Gemini
  6. Speechless. Dan + Shay

I don’t have 10 songs. I am a repeater until I get annoyed with the song.

Day Eight:

Share something you struggle with:

Life. I am so undecisive. I can never fully make up my mind. I struggle with it so much. It makes things extremely difficult. I don’t know whether I want to move to FL or live in GA anymore. I don’t know what job I want forever. I don’t know whether or not I want to go back to college or not. I don’t know if I am doing everything right. That is my struggle. Life and everything that comes with it.

Day Nine:

Post some words of wisdom that speak to you:

Honestly, I am super bad at reading something and remembering it but the only quote I can think of is:

“Into the mountains I go, to find my heart and lose my soul.” I adore that so much. It really puts you in the mood when you are out and about in nature. It gives you the perspective of why it’s there. Find yourself. Get back to reality.

Day Ten:

Write about something in which you feel strongly over:

Animals. Oh my gosh I can’t say this enough. I am 110% an animal lover and I stand by them as if they were children. Humans are so selfish and in their own worlds while millions of animals everywhere are dying and suffering. We are so caught up in our wants that we tend to push away the thoughts about animals. I have a huge disbelief that we still animal test and euthanize because we are overpopulated. I am sorry, but who “decided” that, that was the case? What human thinks they have the right to decide another being’s life? They don’t. It’s because we are selfish and think we control the world.

Day Eleven:

Something you always think “what if” about?

Hiking. Man those thoughts that run through my head while we are out or on our way to a hike- it’s always the “what if” phrase. What if we slip and fall and die? What if we run into a bear? What if we get lost? I love hiking but I am all about those “what if’s”.

Day Twelve:

Write about 5 blessings in your life

  1. Josten. The incredible human who walked into my life when I least expected it. Who saved me from a lot of pain and hurt. Who has been nothing but almost perfect the entire time? He has come so far and I am so grateful to have him in my life.
  2. Papa John’s. As much trouble as this place was (hopefully won’t be again), it has given me so much. It gave me a car, freedom, financial stability, a new laptop, t.v., so many things I am grateful for.
  3. Writing. The ability to get my feelings/ideas out on the computer or on paper has helped me through so much. I am stronger, more alive, and free of a lot of anger thanks to writing.
  4. My animals. They have been my back bone and biggest supporters, mainly because they can’t talk but you get the idea.
  5. I actually can’t think of five so for now four will have to do.

Day thirteen:

What are you excited about?

I’m always a little cautious, but super excited for the future. That is probably what excites me the most. Thinking about the possible future and unknown.

Day fourteen:

Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching:

Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Twilight

Day fifteen:

Bullet- point your whole day:

I will do a typical work day-

  • 6 a.m. wake up
  • In between that and 7:20- I take the dogs out, feed the cat, get ready for work, make some breakfast, sit down and do a little bible study.
  • 7:20  I head to work and grab some dunkin on the way.
  • 8 I start my work day- for now
  • 5 I get off and head home.
  • After I tend to sit down and write a little, shower, relax, let the dogs out, feed the cats, yoga.
  • I typically go to sleep around 9:30- 10

Day sixteen:

Something that you miss.

My creative aspect. I use to be way more creative: arts and crafts, scrapbooking, writing, I would write songs, etc. Now, I just seem bland. Hence why I am trying to get back into writing. Therefore my blog matters to me so much. It is my creative outlet right now. I don’t have to hold anything back.

Day seventeen:

Post about your zodiac sign, whether it fit you.

I am a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. I tend to get along well with everyone. I also can’t seem to keep my mind on one thing. I tend to be spontaneous and super outgoing. These are all true facts about me. I try to plan, but my adventure side tends to get the best of me and I can’t help what comes to mind.

Day eighteen:

Post 30 facts about yourself.

  1. I am 21 years old
  2. my favorite color is purple/grey
  3. I love to write
  4. I love to think creatively
  5. I love to sing
  6. I love to dance
  7. I love the outdoors
  8.  I am 5’1
  9. Chick fil a is my obsession
  10. I am highly addicted to coffee
  11. Ive got a thing for rescuing animals
  12. Cats are my favorite
  13. I have a blanket collection obsession
  14. I have a fear of heights
  15. I like for things to color match
  16. Hardworking
  17. I’ve got an obsession with anything fuzzy
  18. I get cold easily
  19. I am a hopeless romantic
  20. I fully believe in the power of essential oils
  21. I am a nature freak
  22.  I am a go getter
  23. I dream way too much
  24. I strive for perfection
  25. I hate folding laundry
  26. I need to drink more water
  27. I have a plant obsession
  28. I love dry erase boards and all things stationary
  29. Anything soft or fuzzy, I must touch it.
  30. I spend money on pointless things for the house I don’t have yet.

Day nineteen:

Discuss your first love:

Let’s see, my real first love? Or the one I liked in middle school? My first love that I actually consider my first love was very…outspoken, kind, but we were both young and stupid. It was more of a toxic relationship verses anything else. We were two young kids with big goals that we were never gonna achieve together. It took some traumatic things to happen to realize that. It was heart wrenching, but worth it because now we are both grown up and on the right path- just separate ways. I wish nothing but the best for him.

Day twenty:

Post about 3 celebrity crushes:

  1. Ian Somerhalder
  2. Cody Simpson
  3. Orlando Bloom

Day twenty one:

What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

  1. Money rules your life, but not your happiness
  2. Affirmations will help you with your struggles
  3. Do not give up on your dreams because you will get there with hard work and dedication

Day twenty two:

Put your music on shuffle and post the first song:

Toothbrush DNCE

Day twenty three:

A letter to someone, anyone

To my future self- Don’t ever let who you are and what you stand for change. You are can do absolutely everything you set your mind too.

Day twenty four:

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way:

When tragedy strikes you learn to let it all go. Don’t hold yourself accountable for things you can’t control. I’ve been through some traumatic things like I am sure everyone has in some way, shape, or form, but you can’t blame yourself. You need to lean to someone you love, or I personally lean-to God.

Day twenty five:

Think of any word. Search on google image. Write something about the 11th image.

My word: Adventure.

As I stand at the top of this mountain, I feel utterly free. My bike in hand- just dreaming of the next step. What exactly comes next….?

Day twenty six:

Write about an area in your life that you would like to improve:

Motivation. My lack of motivation. I feel it being sucked right out of me because I work so much and come home and fall into a routine of just laying on bed.

Day twenty Seven:

Conversely, right about something that is kicking ass right now.

My love life. Yes that is kicking ass, thank you Jesus. We struggled for a while now but I feel like we are on the right page and I am incredibly thankful for it.  

Day twenty eight:

Post five things that make you laugh out loud.

  1. Sebastian- he’s a goofball
  2. Youtube- I always watch youtube videos especially when I lack some motivation and the people I watch, make me laugh
  3. Gifs about animals
  4. When something goes wrong, I typically laugh because if I didn’t….i would be an angry small person.
  5. My dogs- they are also goofballs and make me laugh on the daily.

Day twenty nine:

What are you goals for the next 30 days?

Focus to pay off my Quiktrip card, less than 500. Stay consistent with my blog posting. Make one Young Living connection.

Day thirty:

Your highs and lows for the month:

Still struggling in credit card debt. Barely making enough at the Shelter to save anything or even go grocery shopping. My highs: I got a new job that will give us more financial freedom. I finally started on an evening routine. Focusing more on my health.

I did NOT come up with these questions, I found it on Pinterest. Here is the photo of where I got this from. I do not own the rights to this photo and I give full credit to the creator: https://oursweetserendipity.com/ (or that is who the pin is linked to)

Oil Wednesday: Thieves Essential Oil

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! I am so happy you are here!

Let’s jump into this- So Thieves oil, your cleaning bff. Seriously. This blend is a mix of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Meaning the perfect blend of clean!

**this post is NOT sponsored by Young Living. Using some links I have provided MAY enable me to make a commission if you purchase something.**

Links below to help with some recipes I mention below: bottles, dryer balls, roller bottles.

Thieves is known for cleaning products and oral care plus the best immune support around.

What else you can do with Thieves:

  • You can use on your pets bedding/ crate to clean it. You don’t have to use the official thieves cleaner either!
  • Create your own wipes for your shopping cart or car surface with the thieves oil. It will work as a disinfectant.
  • You can apply some drops in your dishwasher to add some extra freshness to your dishes.
  • You can add to dryer balls to help your clothes smell fresh! Plus you can change the scent of your dryer balls.
  • Add 3-5 drops in your pedicure bath water to help keep your feet and nails clean.
  • Add 1-3 drops to your vacuum filter- it adds some freshness to your carpet- again something you can change out.
  • Diffuse around your home to help keep your family healthy
  • Use one drop on the roof of your mouth to ease head tension.
  • Rub/roll a few on your feet for added health.
  • Use it to remove sticky labels off of any of your things.
  • Use a drop of this on white boards that are stained.

My go- to Immune blocker:

6 drops of Thieves

4 drops of Lemon

Top it off with some almond oil

Roll onto your wrists and throat!

These are just SOME of the amazing things this oil is good for. It really is crazy the possibilities that you can create with these oils. Replacing some of your everyday toxic- chemical filled items to the total natural side of things is a truly beautiful thing.

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Roller bottles I use:

Roller bottles I use to sell products:

Glass Spray Bottles:


Dryer balls

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DIY: Animal Crate Cleaner

That’s right another DIY post. I am coming in hot with these like no tomorrow! Hey again guys! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for tuning in!

Another simple and quick DIY post!

Got messy animals? No problem, let the crate spray take care of it.

Do you have a stinky dog just in general? Easy peazy. I got you covered.

What you will need:

  1. Spray Bottle ( I prefer glass bottles)
  2. Lemon and Thieves essential oil
  3. Castile soap
  4. Distilled water

That is it!

Next comes the easy part- putting it all together!

Put in 5 drops thieves and 8 lemon in the spray bottle. Afterward you will put 1/4 cup castile soap. Finally you will fill the rest with distilled water. Simple as that- really!

You will need to rinse off the spray, but it is an all natural cleaner that is 100% animal safe. Lemon essential oil is a disinfect. Thieves is an antibacterial plus the properties in the oil make it an awesome cleaning additive. Castile soap will allow the dirt and grim to come off while making it foam just like regular soap.

Did you know that Young Living also has a full animal line of products available? It includes oils, treats, and dental chews! All safe for those little bundles of furry joy!

Don’t have thieves and lemon essential oil? Don’t buy from Amazon. These oils needs to be 100% pure and real as you are risking your animals lives by using them on their items. Join the Young Living team and get them to you ASAP! Want to join me? Click here. Questions/ concerns about Young Living or what we do? Email me or message me directly on Instagram (@CrystalRaeForeman)

Overcoming That Exhausted Feeling:

The title says it all in this post, but I think it is so important. I think it is important to touch base on the fact that having a full-time job and a few small businesses on the side is NOT easy. Some people handle it better than others, but I am here to tell you, I struggle. Sometimes I lay in bed before I get up for work and debate on whether I really need my full-time job and just quit to focus on my side jobs. I also think sometimes that it is worth giving up my side jobs and focus more on my full-time job. Or I just want to sleep all the time. I know the struggles, you might have a different scenario than me, but here is mine:

              I wake up at 5:30-6 a.m most mornings to start my day by trying to have some me time before I leave for work at 7:15 a.m. I may do some yoga, morning bible study, read, or just hang out with my critters. I then get ready for work around 6:30- let my dogs outside to pee by 7. I follow that by making my breakfast (if I make it at the house) and coffee, fill my water bottle and hop in the car on the way to start my shelter day. Most people think working at a shelter just consists of playing with animals all day long. I with that was all it was, but it is so much more than that. I am currently working on a post dedicated to my day in the life of a shelter worker. Anyways, I am scheduled to get off at 5, but it’s mostly 5:30 when I truly leave. I return home by 6 p.m. from there I let my dogs back outside, feed them, play with them for a little, then I shower. I basically have 1 ½ before I start feeling exhausted to try and do something I want to do (not including eat dinner). I choose to use this time for my business and spend some time with my kitties. I then get into bed by 9:30 at the latest and snuggle up with my significant other, or I pass out. That right there is my day in a nutshell. It’s long and I struggle to make time for what I want to do- but it is not impossible.

              Here are some of the ways I stay motivated and the time I use to focus on all my side hustles:

I actually have an hour lunch break so I bring my laptop to work- yes we have Wi-Fi- I do what I can: research, type up some posts, work on my YL, etc. Sometimes I don’t get to use my full 1 of lunch and that is okay, I work when I can.

Sometimes I don’t use a lot of my morning for me time and I will actually finish up or write down some ideas that flow through my brain. Mornings are everything for me, that is when I have the most ideas.

Right before I decide it is time to go to sleep. Right now, it is fall time, so I can actually cuddle up and use my heated blanket and watch some t.v. or, I use the time to work on my hustles. No pain, no game. I don’t over exhaust myself, I just focus on what I can get done. Even if it is only one sentence, it is a sentence more than I had when I started.

Some days I have to repeatedly tell myself why I am doing what I am doing. I remind myself of my goals and the future I want. I remind myself that it doesn’t happen over night and I will struggle, but it will all be worth it.

I use a journal at night before I shut my light off. I brain dump what is going on in my head basically and get it all out on paper so I can sleep and have a fresh start in the morning. I also use it to target a to-do list for the next day.

Remember that working a full-time job doesn’t mean you have to come home and sit on the couch to relax when you get off, there are more ways to use your time and relax.

Set some deadlines for yourself, but do NOT beat yourself up over them if you don’t finish in that time frame. You are human. You will not hit every single deadline, but it is good to keep setting them so you can at least give yourself a pace to stay on.

  • Example: I use my planner to schedule when/ what blog posts are going up and how many I try to get accomplished in a day. Sometimes I complete an entire weeks’ worth in one sitting and other times, I slack and don’t do any for a day.

Sleep when your body tells you, don’t over force yourself to stay up super late just before you won’t make a deadline. You can push your limits but don’t exhaust yourself. You WILL feel it the next day and personally, I can’t afford to be off my game from lack of sleep. I mess with lives here.

How exactly can I overcome the exhaustion?

Let’s be honest here, working long hours is tiring enough then you are coming home to force yourself to work even more. It doesn’t sound very appealing; I would rather just binge watch a Netflix show with my SO. I would rather take that extra hour of sleep then write a blog post because I am struggling with writer’s block. There are so many reason/ excuses as to why we want to keep that exhaustion momentum. I get it, I really do. I struggled with it for years and still do every once in awhile.

First thing is first, understand the type of exhaustion you are feeling: have you been over pushing your limits or tuckering yourself out? Have you missed your sleeping schedule and you are literally just tired? Do you have a brain block? Did you have a long day at work?

  • If you are simply tired from changing up your sleep schedule than chances are you won’t be getting any good ideas because your mind needs some rest. Go to sleep.
  • If you have a brain block, simple look back at some past notes, photos, research some ideas/ topics, don’t let that aspect stop you and make you think you have to just go to sleep because you’ve got no ideas. Or go lay on the couch and watch some tv just because you are out of ideas.
  • Having a long day at work makes it so nice when (in my case) you come home and take a shower get all in your comfy clothes, it is easy to get on that lazy train. My number one rule: don’t sit or lay on the bed. Once I do that, I am done. It would take a lot for me to able to get up and do something. I also can’t sit in front of the t.v. it is a distraction for me and it enables me to become lazy and tired. Don’t do it. Come home, put on your comfy clothes and go fill your orders, or sit at your desk and do some work, or sit at your kitchen table. Just don’t sit somewhere extra comfy.

Now, what about that weekend you’re off or the day you are off from work and you are just down right tired to the bones?

  • Let yourself wake up even if it throws you off your schedule.
  • Do some stretches
  • Take a shower
  • Get dressed almost first thing in the morning
  • Make your bed and stay off the couch
  • Leave the t.v. off and spend some time bible studying or with your SO.
  • Getcha that cup of coffee from starbucks or dunkin. It is important to treat yourself even on your bad days.
  • Shoot drink an energy drink if you need to do just to finish up something. I can’t lie- I do drink those.
  • Stay off your phone until you build up some momentum for the day/night. Don’t get sucked into to that social media.

My tired to the bone bad days are days like I am having right this second as I type this. Yes, that is my current mood. I changed my sleeping schedule and got home later than normal from work the night before and I feel the bagginess in my eyes, but here I am, typing away. It’s 5:15 p.m and I’m honestly thinking about my daily dose of Dunkin iced coffee. But what I really want, is to finish watching Jane the Virgin and sit in bed. However, I will not let myself. I am pushing myself to finish this because I know how good it will feel to know that I am overcoming the tiredness and the lazy feelings. Just know, that you can too.

Here I am, finalizing this even when feeling how I described above. You can do it. You just have to push through too. Have a little faith in yourself.

Oil Wednesday: Lemon Essential Oil

Hey guys and welcome back to another oil Wednesday! Hopefully this midweek has been awesome for you! How many of you are experiencing the fall time feels right now?

**Disclaimer** this post is not sponsored by Young Living. If you click on some of these links and purchase something, I may make a commission off them. **

Links listed below for some jars, glass bottles, roller balls, etc.

Today we will be jumping in on our number one disinfectant around- Lemon. But not like the lemon from other store bought cleaners, the real deal. If you are looking for ways to use your fresh rin squeezed oil, this is the perfect place for you!

  1. Looking for an easy- all natural way to keep your fruit fresh? Fill a bowl with cool water; add your 2-3 drops of lemon and soak for about 10 minutes. Finally, you will drain, rinse, and dry.
  2. Got kids and they leave some crayon left overs on the table? How about grease or gum? 1-2 drops will break up the grim so you can easily wipe away with a warm cloth.
  3. In the Summer time we always want some homemade lemonade, how about not actually having to buy those lemons? For an 8 oz glass, drop 2-3 drops of lemon in your water and add honey to sweeten with taste!
  4. The all natural teeth brightener! Add 1 part baking soda to 1 part coconut oil, and add 1 drop of lemon oil- brush away!
  5. Did you know that you can order your own capsules so you can create your own vitamins or immune support? There is so many ways you can customize these capsules. One easy one is if you don’t like the taste of lemon water- just add 1-2 drops in a the capsule and take with water.

There are so many ways you can use your lemon essential oil- seriously. Oils are something I will swear by! Fun fact: I made my parents a ‘sleep spray’ once they actually used it ( took them a week) my dad actually overslept for work because he was sleeping SO GOOD. Now I am not going to lie and tell you that will be an everyday effect. Cause it won’t be. BUT, it will help you when you are feeling restless or you have to go to bed earlier than normal.

More ways to use Lemon essential oil:

Clear acne: create a face serum using 4 drops of lemon oil- mix it with a carrier oil (I use coconut- fractioned) let it sit on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water!

Blood pressure aid: Drinking an 8 oz glass of water with 2 drops of lemon oil can actually help regulate your blood pressure- crazy right?

It is BEAUTIFUL how much these natural oils can help you in so many ways. You never have to worry, because our Seed to Seal promise is there is reassure you.

Now that I have told you all about another oil for this oil Wednesday, I am going to dive into a little more detail about Young Living:

  • There are two options to getting your own Young Living oils: First way: You can buy any oils or products through me (or any YL distributor). Scrolling on their website and you want to try something without the money commitment- this is the way you should take. Second way: You can join this journey yourself by purchasing a starter kit. You DO NOT have to sell oils if you don’t want to. BUT, once you start that option is always there for you. If you bought a starter kit, you still get the wholesale discount.
  • ER (Essential Rewards program): This program is new by Young Living, if you purchase at least 50$ a month in oils you get to qualify for these rewards. You can qualify for free products/oils. If you spend over 100$ a month- they give you a freebie. You also get PV points that for every order you make and can cash them out for free things as well. SO many benefits with this program. They really give back!
  • Joining the team (business aspect) you earn chances to go to our farms and awesome trips with the company!
  • You can help change the way people use everyday products and help them better their lives! This why I give you guys an Oil Wednesday! It gives you the chance to really get to know each oil and how exactly you could use it!

Are you wanting to join the team? Click Me

Links to some things for your essential oil creations:

Glass bottles

Roller Balls

Veggie Capsule

Spray bottles (smaller ones)

Roller and Bottle set

8 oz Mason Jars so much you can do with mason jars! I use them for drinks, storage, keeping my makeup brushes, homemade air freshener, decor, etc.

**Please remember that when using Young Living oils the white labels are for ingestion. Colored labels are basic oils.**

Oil Wednesday: Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint Essential oil:

              When you hear Peppermint essential oil, what is the first thing you think about? My mind goes directly towards the holiday season. I am not much of a Halloween person, but I am all about that Christmas spirit! I love me some peppermint mocha coffee or some peppermint bark! Talk about Yum!

              Anyways, tis the season since it’s coming up and say hello to your winter BFF oil! Peppermint essential oil is good for A LOT of things, but let’s start with how it’s made. From the Young Living website directly, “Peppermint is originally from Europe, but 75 percent of the world’s supply is now grown in the United States. To produce one of Young Living’s most popular oils, we look to several farms, including our Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah. “

Peppermint oil can be used topically, with aromatherapy, and internally (vitality version ONLY). It is a stronger oil so it would need to be diluted around kids or if you prefer a lighter scent of it.

What are some of the uses of this specific oil?

Peppermint creates a tingly/cooling sensation on the skin when applied. Which makes it a perfect additive to a headache roller or muscle relief after a long day of physical activity! You can also bake with this oil (vitality version) and you can add it to your hot chocolate to make it the perfect holiday blend! You can add it to your bath to create a cooling/ tension relief. Stressful day at work and don’t have your stress away oil? Add a few drops of peppermint oil and it will hold you over! This oil is also particularly good for focus aid.

Recipes/ Ideas

  • Diffuse while you are studying or needing a little focus help in your life.
  • Add in a bottle for the perfect air freshener for the holiday season
  • Add to your favorite brownies for the added refresh yet delicious taste
  • Spiders DO NOT like peppermint oil- add to a cotton ball and place in a desired area and bye-bye spiders!
  • Combine with lavender in a roller ball with ¾ carrier oil and apply to temples for quick headache relief
  • Put a drop in your water tank for your toilet for that refreshing scent

Have you used your oil yet? If so, what have you made or done with this oil? Let me know in the comments below!

If you haven’t had the chance to sign up yet, you can snag this oil in the vitality form by ordering your premium starter kit!

SPECIAL PROMOTION THAT YOUNG LIVING IS OFFERING FOR THE REST OF SEPTEMBER: Buy a premium starter kit and sign up for ER rewards and get a charcoal bar PLUS a ginger vitality (perfect for those cookie bakers out there!)

DIY: All Natural Air Freshener

Hey guys and welcome back! It is so awesome that so many of you keep sticking around with me. Nobody realizes how much it truly means to me!

Today’s post will be super short and to the point style! As you read the title, it is all about that natural lifestyle again. This time, I am ditching my typical toxic- filled air freshener for something that works even better! Who doesn’t love the fact that there are so many more options out there for those of us searching for the healthier lifestyle?

This recipe only calls for a few ingredients, plus some that are optional to spice it up a bit!

What you will need:

Mason jar (or a cute bottle)

Essential oils

Baking soda

Some form of a lid (it can be a mason jar lid or even some plastic wrap)

You will also need something sharp if you are using a mason jar lid

How to create:

I don’t even need to make these ‘steps’ per-say. This is so easy you can do it all at once! Start by filling your mason jar or bottle full of baking soda. Afterward, you will add any essential oil scent you prefer. I LOVE me some citrus fresh. Drops are based on your preference. If you want a heavy scent- 20 drops. If you want a light scent start with 10 drops. Finally, place your lid or plastic wrap (if using a plastic wrap then cut a few slits on top to allow the scent to release).

BAM- the BEST all natural air freshener! I use these in all my bathrooms. If the slits are big- the scent releases faster. Also, this way gives you the ability to change the scent as frequently as you like! You don’t have to change the baking soda out every time unless you just prefer to.

Easy. Simple. Cost effective.


*Affiliate links: The links used is in this post may lead to where I receive compensation when an item from the link is purchased.

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