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Clear your mind AND your space.

I know how hard it is when you have a million things written on your to-do list and you can’t get your mind clear enough to get it all done. Then you look at your home and think twice about being able to get… Continue Reading “Clear your mind AND your space.”

Do a writing challenge with me: 30 DAY writing goal

Are you a writer and experiencing writers block? I can relate on a real level. I just recently overcame my writers block by doing a 30 day challenge. I am hoping it will help you as well! So kick your writers block to the… Continue Reading “Do a writing challenge with me: 30 DAY writing goal”

Oil Wednesday: Thieves Essential Oil

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! I am so happy you are here! Let’s jump into this- So Thieves oil, your cleaning bff. Seriously. This blend is a mix of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Meaning the perfect blend of clean! **this… Continue Reading “Oil Wednesday: Thieves Essential Oil”

Overcoming That Exhausted Feeling:

The title says it all in this post, but I think it is so important. I think it is important to touch base on the fact that having a full-time job and a few small businesses on the side is NOT easy. Some people… Continue Reading “Overcoming That Exhausted Feeling:”

Oil Wednesday: Lemon Essential Oil

Hey guys and welcome back to another oil Wednesday! Hopefully this midweek has been awesome for you! How many of you are experiencing the fall time feels right now? **Disclaimer** this post is not sponsored by Young Living. If you click on some of… Continue Reading “Oil Wednesday: Lemon Essential Oil”

Oil Wednesday: Lavender Essential Oil

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in again to the blog! I hope you have been enjoying the content thus far! Wednesdays is all about the Essential oils- I dedicated this day to learning/ sharing one new fact or DIY with oils to help you… Continue Reading “Oil Wednesday: Lavender Essential Oil”

DIY: Laundry Soap

Let’s be real here for a moment. Ask yourself, have you ever looked inside at the back of your laundry soap and questioned the products that go into it? Do you ever feel like you spend SO much money on laundry soap because you’ve… Continue Reading “DIY: Laundry Soap”

Travel Prep: What you need to do before leaving for FLORIDA

              *We always travel by car if we can, especially in Florida since we live in Georgia* *Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links if which an item is purchased I would receive a small commission* A week before trip: Plan what you are… Continue Reading “Travel Prep: What you need to do before leaving for FLORIDA”