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2nd trimester: Review, what helped me, how am i feeling?

Welcome back guys! Thanks so much for stopping in! As you know, I truly appreciate you all even taking the time to read these posts. Looking for an honest *opinion* of what the 2nd trimester is like from a FTM’s (first time mom’s) experience?… Continue Reading “2nd trimester: Review, what helped me, how am i feeling?”

Oil Wednesday: Lavender Essential Oil

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in again to the blog! I hope you have been enjoying the content thus far! Wednesdays is all about the Essential oils- I dedicated this day to learning/ sharing one new fact or DIY with oils to help you… Continue Reading “Oil Wednesday: Lavender Essential Oil”

Support your pet: Animal scents by Young Living

Let’s talk: Animal Scents by Young Living               Young Living has created a line dedicated directly to your beloved fur babies! If that doesn’t excite your insides, I am not sure what will. Not this is not saying you can’t use some of your… Continue Reading “Support your pet: Animal scents by Young Living”