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Congrats! You clicked this page for one of two reasons; Curiosity or you are ready to begin your Young Living Journey! Regardless, I am so glad you stopped by!

Let me start by saying why I joined Young Living:

Over the past few years, I have been diving myself into any information to do with ‘natural products’ or ‘healthy alternatives’ or even ‘less waste’. To me, my health (along with everyone I meet/my animals) matter the absolute most to me. After doing a ton of research on what chemicals creators actually put inside cleaners, dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap, etc. It was clear to me that I wanted one thing for everyone; Better. I wanted to use things and products that were not harmful to myself or the environment around me.. The essential oil trend came out and I, like everyone else, was super skeptical about it. I couldn’t believe that these oils were just now being discovered and they are ‘safe and effective’. The truth was the oils have been around for YEARS. Yes, you read that right YEARS. Just nobody really talked about it and if they did- their voices weren’t heard. Eventually, I jumped in and ordered a diffuser off Amazon (this one) and some oils. Now what they don’t tell you is 99.9% of the oils you buy on places like Amazon, are NOT pure. Meaning, they could indeed have harmful chemicals and traits in them still. The first set I got, I didn’t use very long at all. I still don’t use them. Something seemed off. The color was weird in them. They smelled different. I was a little uncertain of their quality after some digging. Eventually, I started buying from a brand Auria Casica – which is still a decent brand (not food grade). I still use them mixed in with my Young Living collection here and there. But that brand does not offer rewards, help, animal friendly products, makeup, lotions, super-food drinks, etc. It doesn’t give you a chance to earn something back from all the time and effort you spend creating and using the oils. Then I was scrolling through my Facebook one day and saw a photo that one of my friends did- Scout. She did a cute creative set up with her oils- and something went off inside my head. “It was time to join”, I told myself.


Instead of getting a premium starter kit (which is totally awesome if you have no quality oils yet), I chose the basic starter kit that involved one 5ml bottle of Stress away, plus some other fun goodies for only $45! A lot of people think you have to spend the 150+ – you DON’T. Get what you know you can afford and start from there. I chose this and then proceeded to the rewards program (a monthly subscription that is completely customizable and shipped to your door every month). You need to have at least 50 PV to start in the rewards program. So in total on my first order I spent $125 (I got 3 day shipping because I was too excited)! I got what came inside the basic starter kit and I ordered: Peace and Calm (part 2), Citrus Fresh (because I love me some citrus scents), and Lavender (because I use it so much!). AGAIN- THIS IS COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOU! Any questions? Email me @ !

Are you convinced to start your own journey and start making a difference in your life yet? If not and you need more information please visit their website:

If you are ready to join please use my link *while I do make commission off this link, I will also be able to assist you and help guide you on your journey!!!*


Need some guidance on the ‘How-to enroll’ CLICK HERE

I do plan to do some blog posts dedicated to YL- but they also have a blog as well. Just remember, you have SO much potential and you are surrounded by so many people who can help you. You may think it’s a lot and it is, but everyone started from the same spot you did. STOP WAITING. Get to it!!

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